Teens taunt policeman as they steal his bike after being told to follow lockdown

Teens taunt policeman as they steal his bike after being told to follow lockdown

May 13, 2020 Off By longcatlabs

A large group of teenagers ignoring the coronavirus lockdown ran off with a PCSO’s bike as he urged them to go home and keep a safe distance apart.

The group, which appears to number well over a dozen, were mocking the policeman when one boy wheels the bicycle away from behind his back. Out alone and dressed in uniform and a helmet, the PCSO urges the group to go home from a green space, believed to be in Slough.

They jeer ‘oh, you just robbed’ as the boy runs away with the bike. The PCSO stands with his arms apart and the teens, circling around him, film the incident on their mobile phones. The group then laugh as the officer tries to enforce the lockdown.

In widely-shared footage circulating on social media, they put on sarcastic voices and taunt: ‘shall we go home… how you going to get home officer, where is your bike?’

He replies: ‘I just want you to go home, go home.’

One of the boys shouts back: ‘Daddy pig says go home.’

It is not known if they went home or if the policeman got his bike back.

It is also not clear exactly when or where the footage was filmed, but it was posted on Twitter by Sumayah Akhtar, from London, yesterday.

PCSO’s bike stolen, gets taunted by group flouting lockdown rules

She wrote: ‘This is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen this guy is doing his job advising you guys to stay home for you and your family’s health.

‘Imagine in Ramadan not being able to have a drop of respect in you.

‘Also, if lockdown doesn’t get released it’s thanks to the boys like this.’

She called the officer ‘an example’ and praised his patience.